PR Agency in Spain is the most dynamic PR Agency in Spain. Here you’ll find PR services, SEO web content, social media management, and much more.


Pablo Gracia from, pr agency in spain

This agency offers original and unique content, crafted to be of interest to the press and useful for the public opinion.

Pablo Gracia is‘s owner. He’s been working with media outlets, institutions and press offices for over 20 years.

Global Solutions by – PR Agency in Spain can manage any of the three core pillars on which current communication is based on: press office, SEO web content and social media.

The three of them, together or individually, are key tools for achieving success at a PR level, improving search engine rankings, and creating communities around a specific entity.

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Become newsworthy in newspapers, radio, TV, and online

Create positive opinions towards your brand and enhance your reputation

Influence your audience’s purchasing decisions

Read more about the SEO content service by pr agency in spain

Improve your site’s ranking on Google

Increase your website traffic

Create loyalty programs to boost sales

Read more about the social media service by pr agency in spain

Obtain valuable insights into your followers’ opinions

Foster a community around your brand and cultivate customer loyalty

Establish a prominent position and engage in public interactions

Relevant press stories

The initiatives that has worked with have achieved significant 360º press coverage. Being a journalist and having knowledge of how the media operates is an invaluable experience that contributes to the success of any communication project.

SEO articles that rank high

These are some examples of SEO content that rank very well on Google. All of them are clients.

client example pr agency spain
Example: first position for Premios Fugaz (CortoEspaña) with a recurrent keyword in their industry
client example pr agency spain
Example: highlighted article for a dating website for a recurrent search in their industry

Clients – PR Agency in Spain

The PR Agency in Spain,, has collaborated with a diverse range of clients, some of which presented significant challenges. Nevertheless, their campaigns have proven to be successful.

kelbet client pr agency in spain client pr agency spain
datech media client pr agency spain
unite the union
universitat oberta de catalunya
seven star digital
in the wild
listaspam pr agency spain client
vts media
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euro 2020 pitchinvasion

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PR agency in Spain?

A PR agency is a company that specializes in working with and conveying the external messages of any organization. To do so, it uses various channels such as media outlets, the client’s website, their social media platforms, and other marketing tools.

What services does a PR agency offer?

The main services offered by a PR agency include press office services, creation of SEO web content, social media management, and other marketing solutions.

How much does a PR agency cost?

The price range that a PR agency may charge varies between 1,000 and 8,000 euros, depending on the type of work required by the client.

How to hire a PR agency?

Each agency operates differently. However, it is common for the client to explain their needs, agree to a budget, and sign a service agreement issued by the agency.

How to work with a PR agency in Spain?

The most common thing is for agencies to use email as a means of communication with their clients. This communication is regularly done, possibly on an almost daily basis.

In these emails, agencies and clients discuss which press releases will be launched, which articles are being written, which posts will be published, how a specific action has performed, last-minute changes, ideas for future actions, and any other daily topic.

What is the difference between communication and advertising?

These two terms are often confused, but they are actually two different things.

A communication agency focuses on working with a message, but it does not control the final outcome of the coverage, and their work appears as content.

An advertising agency does have direct control over the message because there is a financial contract with the media outlet, and their work appears as an advertisement.

Does a PR agency help to sell more?

The goal of a PR agency is not to sell more. However, the work they do could potentially lead to an increase in the client’s sales. Their function is to improve the visibility of the client’s organization and how it is perceived by the general public.

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