Spanish PR Agency in Madrid is the most dynamic Spanish PR Agency. Communication has changed and that’s why we manage it as a whole: press office, SEO content, newsletter and social media



Choosing a Spanish PR Agency sounds like tough stuff. Prices and services are so different that, if it’s not through a recommendation, it’s hard to decide. We hope the following reasons will convince you to get in touch 🙂

Relevant impacts

The iniciatives that, your Spanish PR Agency, has worked with, have obtained relevant 360º coverage in the press. We are journalists, so we know what the media expect from us! These are some good examples:

SEO articles that rank high!

These are some examples of SEO content that rank very well on Google. All of them are clients.

Example: first position for CortoEspaña with a recurrent keyword in their industry
Example: highlighted article for SugarDaters for a recurrent search in their industry

Global Solutions from your Spanish PR Agency manages its strategies through the three lines that cover the whole of current communication. Why would you have these services separate? Hire all of them with the same agency, be efficient and save!

  • Become newsworthy in newspapers, radio, TV and online
  • Create positive opinions towards your brand and improve your reputation
  • Have an influence in your audience’s purchase decisions

  • Improve your site ranking on Google
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Create loyalty programs and sell more

  • Get valuable information about your followers’ opinions
  • Create a community around your brand and encourage client loyalty
  • Position yourself and publicly interact with other organizations

We’ve already worked with…

Even though is a Spanish PR Agency, our clients are from all over the world! We treat our brands as partners and we advise them frankly about what can or cannot work for their communication objectives.

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unite the union euro 2020 pitchinvasion seven star digital
universitat oberta de catalunya alstom cortoespaña
in the wild listaspam vts media
only1life everythink pr stp communications
akp public relations #nadiesincenar #masplazaspir


Use the contact form below in order to request an estimate. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any additional information or have a question that you want to ask us. You can also send an email to the following addresses!

New clients


    +34 644 49 54 26

    Specific solutions

    Design and execution of PR and communication strategies, recommended content campaigns and social media plans

    Writing and translation (Spanish) of articles and press releases

    Press release launch and follow-up

    Arrangement of interviews and one-to-one press meetings

    Arrangement of press conferences and events

    Product seeding marketing

    Video production and simple live Internet videos

    Comment management and monitoring on social media

    Spokesperson training

    Client loyalty encouragement through recommended content


    Download a portfolio (PDF)

    WE KNOW OUR CLIENTS offers a very specific and personalized service that prioritizes the study of our clients.

    CONTACTS ARE VITAL updates its contacts database daily. It includes over 20,000 contacts of online and offline media.

    COMMUNICATION HAS CHANGED encourages the continuous study of new communication trends that will help your business achieve tangible results from the very first day.

    RESULTS offers relevant reports and interpretations that will help your business achieve its goals in any business line.


    Perseverance is a value not to be forgotten being communication such a veering environment and is in our DNA.


    Our work prioritizes the knowledge of our clients and the assessment of results to help you achieve your objectives in the fascinating and ever-changing communication sector.


    To offer creative solutions in both traditional and digital PR to achieve results that interest our client brands.


    To be pioneers in the application of communication actions that have a remarkable repercussion in the visibility and sales of our client brands.


    Leadership by example, innovation towards results, proactivity, commitment, endeavour, closeness, efficiency, effectiveness, creativity.

    Pablo Gracia


    After over ten years of experience in TV, press offices and PR agencies, I understood that today’s communication is not that of the 80’s and that it’s necessary to find a new balance between traditional communication and the new tools available.